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return of by the numbers

By The Numbers is a long running CS:GO esports focused podcast started in 2015 by Richard Lewis and Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields. 

The initial season sponsored by Alphadraft fantasy esports ran for 40 episodes. After which, the duo relaunched the podcast for a second run under the name: Return of By the Numbers. Which ran for a total of 192 weekly episodes.

For the second rebrand of the podcast series which would see Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat take over as host from Richard, I was asked to create the branding and intro sequence for what now would be called ‘Revenge of By the Numbers’ 


Iterate on the previous branding

Use the colors Black, White and Red

Incorporate some legendary CS:GO esports moments

Maybe add something ninja-y because the name has 'Revenge' in it


I started the design process by laying out my vision for the rebrand in several still imagesĀ 

Red eyes and crossing off the entire enemy team. Evoking themes of ‘Revenge’

The word ‘Revenge’ splattered over the naming of the previous iteration of the show

When thinking of iconic CS:GO esports moments, one in particular came to mind where the caster quickly counts up ZywOo’s consecutive kills. This could be overlayed with an animated vector illustration of one of CS:GO’s most recognizable pistols

The title screen the intro sequence would end on. This could also double as the design for the YouTube thumbnails.


The next step in the process was drawing out a basic storyboard on paper. Laying out how these still images were going to connect and what all the major beats were that I wanted to hit.


Instead of just using pictures to show the hosts I decided to go for a set of stylized minimal vector illustrations.

This part I wanted to highlight because I experimented with creating the illusion of movement with some more simple vector illustrations. I feel it resulted in the most visually striking sequence in the video.

After the intro plays, the following screen shows the camera feeds of both the hosts.

The background slowly transitions through scenes from several different iconic CS:GO maps